Jos. Eschenbach 981508--> &--> AVK4 Клеммник на DIN-рейку 4мм.кв. (желтый) Klemsan, 304133

AVK4 Клеммник на DIN-рейку 4мм.кв. (желтый) Klemsan, 304133

AVK4 Клеммник на DIN-рейку 4мм.кв. (желтый) Klemsan, 304133

Ширина, см: 4, Высота, см: 1, Вес, кг: 0.1, Длина, см: 4.5


WAGO. Клеммы на шину. Серия 812

KLemsan AVK 304133 Клеммник на DIN-рейку 4мм.кв. (желтый); AVK4 купить упаковку 100 шт.

AVK6 Клеммник на DIN-рейку xn--c1akdc2afchgc.xn--p1ai (желтый) Klemsan 304143 – цена, фото, отзывы

со склада производство Klemsan 5 наличие в наличии или под заказ со склада Санкт-Петербург Москва Новосибирск Екатеринбург Нижний Новгород.
Клеммы klemsan серии avk изготовлены из Полиамида pa 6.6. Серый является основным цветом. Наличие дополнительных цветов дают возможность группировать клеммные блоки в соответствии 5 их назначением.


Серый является основным цветом. Наличие дополнительных цветов 5 возможность группировать клеммные блоки в соответствии 5 их назначением.
Klemsan: Прайс лист Klemsan апреля 2011 110010 Клеммник диодом 5 EKI для защиты от инверсии полярности винтовой зажим бежевый 508951289568 шт 50 USD 110040 5 токов 110050 тестирования ламп 110080 011948447504 110110 209425851992 110220 варистором.

tarif klemsan 2015 5 действительны источник 10.03.2015 года.

Все цены указаны в euro с НДС. Артикул Наименование Ед.изм. Упак. euro/шт
Мы предлагаем Вам широкий спектр электротехнического оборудования, клеммы винтовые.

Испытания: клеммник заземления. Test: PE terminal block.

Прайс-лист Джемини-Klemsan Прайс-лист действителен с Заказной код Наименование Ед. изм.

AVK4 RD Клеммник на DIN-рейку xn--c1akdc2afchgc.xn--p1ai (синий) Klemsan 304211 – цена, фото, отзывы

Купить Klemsan в Новосибирске, Клеммник с диодом WG-EKI, Диодный модуль DM 6-S, Клеммник на DIN-рейку 6мм.кв.
tarif klemsan 2015 Цены действительны с 10.03.2015 года. Все цены указаны в euro с НДС. Артикул
price Артикул Наименование Ед.изм. Упак.

шт. м … компл. 100 10 49612A 49613A 49614A Маркировка Маркировка кабеля П General Product Information Insulating material PA Inflammability class acc.
It extends the product range and production capacity every day The obligations that Klemsan Elektrik Elektronik A.
As required by this law, our company has the obligation to inform you regarding the processing of your personal data and to receive 5 5 in doing so.
As Klemsan, we are pleased that you are interested in our products and services and we would like to provide you with some key information about our approach to protecting your personal data.
Protection of personal data is very important, especially considering that the internet based business models and internet based economies are https://xn--c1akdc2afchgc.xn--p1ai/amp/skoba-cs-dlya-podvesa-lotka-s-obraz-osn-150-dks-bba1015-34111.html being developed for future use.
Our employees and our authorized service providers are committed to adhere with the privacy and 5 of personal data acts 5 other mandatory data protection regulations.
Klemsan intends in this data protection statement, to take every precaution to protect the personal data of individuals.
https://xn--c1akdc2afchgc.xn--p1ai/amp/rim-bolt-din-580-otsinkovanniy-diametr-rezbi-16-mm.html address, and other information about you.
The following table gives you a general description of how we intend to protect your personal data.
The way we use and circulate your personal data is as follows: Your personal data which we obtained via our web site or through other channels is processed and recorded to be used to contact with you and to 5 you our marketing efforts eg.
In addition, we will use this data to send you proposals and to inform you about new products, services and topics you may be interested продолжение здесь, from time to time.
The information kept by Klemsan Company will be transferred to Klemsan Group companies, service providers or other third parties, if necessary.
When personal data is transferred to third parties, we will limit this to the information required to be transferred to provide our services.
The relevant third party is obligated to use this personal data only нажмите чтобы перейти the delivery of the needed service or for the carrying out of the required transaction on your order.
In doing so, service 5 are obliged to comply with The Protection of Personal Data Act.
If your personal data in our servers is requested by the authorities with legal power, we are obliged to provide the requested data, without delay, with all the necessary information about the data stored in our database.
We never share your personal data with third parties for marketing purposes, we do not sell or give them away.
As a personal data owner, you have the following rights, and you can request such источник by contacting our company data supervisor ; a Learning whether your personal data has been processed or not, b Requesting information about your personal data, if it has been processed, c Learning how your personal data is processed and whether 5 is used appropriately for the purpose, d Learning about the third parties to which your personal data is 5 within Turkey or abroad, e Requesting the correction of your personal data, if it has been incorrectly processed or missing, f Requesting that your personal data be erased or destroyed if the reasons for its processing are no more, g Requesting the notification of third parties to which your personal data 5 transferred, h Objection to the emergence of a consequence against по этой ссылке, due to analyzing of your processed data exclusively through 5 systems, i Requesting that the damages be compensated in the event of a loss due to the unlawful processing 5 на этой странице personal data.
If you have any questions about the use of your personal data, or if you want to revoke the permission for the recording of your personal data, 5 can contact us via info klemsan.
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