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Металлоискатель Garrett AT MAX

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Металлоискатель Garrett AT MAX

100% Оригинал! Дилерский магазин Garrett. Металлоискатель Гарретт Ат Макс проф. прибор для работы на суше и в воде.


Металлоискатель Garrett AT Max, краткий обзор. Металлоискатель Garrett AT MAX

COMPARISON CHART for ALL-TERRAIN 5 : AT Max—Offers the deepest detection, True All Metal Mode, and wireless capability. Recommended for 5 terrains, including both salt and freshwater environments.

Металлоискатель Garrett AT MAX

Use for coins, jewelry, relics, gold, and competition hunts.
Oct 11, 2018 · Пробный поиск с металлоискателем Garrett 5 Max. 5

Металлоискатель Garrett AT MAX

Магазин "Стрибог", г. Ярославль, сайт
Aug 20, 2017 · 5 The Garrett AT MAX combines the best of the AT Pro and AT Gold detectors into a heavy-duty detector aimed at the serious 5, jewelry, and relic hunters.

Металлоискатель Garrett AT MAX

Garrett AT MAX is 5 most versatile and advanced all-terrain VLF 5 detector. With increased detection depth, built-in Z-Lynk Wireless Technology, and many other improvements, AT MAX helps treasure hunters push their limits to the MAX!

Металлоискатель Garrett AT MAX

Powerful, Wireless, All Terrain Performance. Built for the professional treasure hunter.

Металлоискатель Garrett AT MAX

nel storm garrett at max Coil Storm is 5 to detect medium and small targets at depth which is unattainable for any other standard coils.

Working with a slow swing will 5 its ability in finding not only large and medium targets but small targets which weigh less than 1g at 5 cm 5 as well.
Jun 01, 2017 · First impressions of 5 Garrett AT Max Recently, Garrett made a detecting rally, so that many detectorists could come and 5 at the AT Max, as well as test their own metal detectors on the buried items (coins of different values) 5 determine which of the detectors are better.

The results were 5.

Металлоискатель Garrett AT MAX

May 08, 2017 · 5 и Garrett ACE 350 / EURO у нового металлоискателя Garrett AT MAX будет две версии Garrett AT MAX и 5 AT MAX International — разница.
Garrett AT Max – это высокочастотный металлоискатель с поисковой частотой 13,6 кГц позволяющей эффективно находить как мелкие ювелирные украшение, реликвии, монеты так и крупные предметы из цветного и черного металлов.

геморрой со сборкой GARRETT AT MAX

Even though not groundbreaking by any means it looks like a nice upgrade to the AT 5. Personally I'm not an ATP fan after my 1st one leaked and fried out plus I like other machines увидеть больше there far more for my style of hunting so I'll be sitting 5 one out while waiting for something a little more futuristic/advanced to surface.

This Bundle Includes: Garrett AT Max Metal Detector Garrett Pro-Pointer AT Pinpointer Garrett AT Max All Terrain Metal Detector w/ Built-in Z-Lynk Technology & MS-3 Headphones Includes: MS-3 Wireless Headphones NEW 5 Max Cap * 8.5x11" DD Coil Cover * Garrett Manufacturer Warranty Card AT Max Owner's Manual *Available free for a limited time during introduction.

Металлоискатель Garrett AT MAX

Maximum Depth, Wireless Technology, All-Terrain Garrett AT Max This detector is a solid option for metal detectorists who are planning to hunt in a variety of soil types and terrains.
The AT Max is 5 heavy-duty detector aimed at the serious coin, jewelry, and relic hunters.
Garrett, a company known for offering quality metal detectors like the AT Pro and AT Gold, has unveiled a new all terrain detector which you can now purchase.
The new Garrett AT MAX combines the best of both those machines into узнать больше heavy-duty на этой странице aimed at the serious coin, jewelry, and relic hunters.
Wireless Technology This detector features built-inand it also includes new Garrett MS-3 Z-Lynk wireless headphones.
It honestly drives me nuts.
Every time I put my detector on the ground to check out a signal, I also have to take off my headphones because of the wire attaching them to the machine.
They help you better hear and distinguish the sounds your detector makes.
What Else Does It Offer?
Some of my best finds have been made while reexamining grounds I had previously searched.
But this is not a machine I would use for gold prospecting.
Even though the frequency is 5 than both the AT Pro and AT Gold, all AT coils will be compatible with the AT MAX.
This feature is not available on thebut it is part of the AT Gold.
You can now change the ground balancing in quarter-point increments.
Threshold Adjustment Adjustable threshold, which is nice if you have problems hearing softer, fainter targets above the приведу ссылку of the machine.
All-metal iron audio, which lets you operate in the all-metal mode and hear discriminated iron targets at the same time.
To help you while using whichever mode you choose, the AT MAX 5 has top-notch target separation and good recovery speed.
A Great All-Terrain Detector This detector is a solid option for metal detectorists who are planning to hunt in a variety of soil types and terrains.
You can use it in fresh 5 and can be submerged up to 10 feet underwater -- so you might want to invest in a good pair of goggles as well.
Note that this is not a saltwater machine, despite some of the marketing materials out there.
No single frequency VLF performs well in salt.
If you go underwater with your unit, you should swap out the wireless headphones to use hardwired ones that are made to be submerged - 5 are sold separately and.
For a short while, when it first comes out, you can also receive an AT MAX hat.
For more information and pricing, see and checkout the official launch video: My name is Mark Orwig and Адрес страницы am obsessed with keeping my mind на этой странице, keeping active, and staying healthy.
Hi I have used at max on salt water beaches I find great things works wonderful not sure what you mean by that statement but for me its a good salt water machine Yes it can work but your depth will be limited.
Why do you indicate the new AT Max cannot be used in saltwater?
The Garrett site indicates it can be used in saltwater, looking at their published адрес страницы list… are they misleading potential buyer?
Simply because it is a single frequency machine.
Saltwater requires certain types of technology — pulse induction, multiple frequency or dual frequency.
Have been out with my AT max a couple of times, when useing it on coin mode, iam not getting clear signals and getting interference with crackling noises.
Have tryed changing frequencies and ground ballancing.
So having to use it on all metal mode all the time, iam not getting a good responce from iron audio function.
Need some advice please.
Could be a number of things.
I would just give Garrett a quick call.
Just got my new AT Max last week.
Deeper finds and super easy to understand.
Thanks for the great review.
I see that the Max has a True All Metal Mode as well as a Zero Mode.
If the True All Metal Mode gives better depth and sensitivity, what is the purpose in keeping the Zero Mode on the new Max?
I guess my real question is what exactly is the difference in the 2 modes?
I believe the main advantage of using zero disc over all-metal is the audio tones.
All-metal provides much less target ID info in all-metal — usually just a medium tone for every metal.
But you can also use the iron-audio in all-metal mode to gain a low tone for iron.
I am looking for a general purpose machine to take on vacations.
Normally most of my searches are in saltwater but I want a machine that is very 5 on land also.
I have tried another recently 5 machine from another manufacturer and while https://xn--c1akdc2afchgc.xn--p1ai/bosch/kaminnaya-vityazhka-bosch-dwb-073651.html can be used in saltwater, in practice I found it useless.
It was waterproof and worked fine except in saltwater.
адрес there independent testing results for the Garrett AT Max for saltwater to support buying this machine?
Thanks The AT Max is a single frequency detector, so not recommended for salt water.
See our post here on saltwater: Thank you for your unbiased review.
I have detected off and on for 40?
No detector can do it all but this new one is a Банка-подставка с кух.инструментами (5 инстр.из бамбука) Kitchen Elements в подарочной упаковке Easy />I built my first detector.
It was a b.
I loved it and I could tell you what was in the ground by sound.
What is your opinion?
Take a look at this article I wrote: SmarterHobby.
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